Canoniac Launcher

Canoniac Launcher by Fun Bun Games is a surprisingly addicting game, given its simple controls and cartoon-like graphics. Bright colors and a jaunty soundtrack make the game fun for children and adults alike. Follow our hero Jimmy as he stumbles and crashes on his way to achieving his dreams of becoming as ‘cool as dudes from Cannon Maniacs’.

The game opens with a comic that sets the stage for play. Jimmy is a crash test dummy in a fashion store window flanked by two very modern mannequin babes. Jimmy spends his days staring at the cool dudes across the street in the window of Cannon Maniacs, Inc. Coming up with a fabulous plan, Jimmy paints himself to match the fellas and heads over, only to be further ridiculed and plucked out of the window and game play ensues.

From the start, gamers may be inclined to toss their mouse to the side and find something better to do. Resist the temptation! Playing a few sets will earn you money with which you can purchase upgrades. The faster and further you go, the more money you will earn; not to mention the handy bonuses flying through the air. We suggest building your cash reserves to $100K and trading in your clunky catapult for a high-powered canon. This is where the game goes from so-so to addicting.

With a canon, you can fling the crash test dummy further and faster, quickly racking up cash to buy weapons, upgrades and equipment. From crazy powerful canons to protective equipment that will enable Jimmy to survive some of the game’s traps, using what you buy correctly can carry you through the level. The devil is in the details and learning how to best utilize your weapons and equipment is part of the fun of the game.

The game is addicting thanks to the way it evolves. What you thought was going to be a hum-drum, so-so game quickly turns into one which has you competing against yourself to go further, fly faster, avoid traps and hit your bonuses. The comic-book like graphics and quirky sound effects only add to the fun. Turn it on, fire it up and see what you think. Odds are you’ll be playing for hours.



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