Canabalt: Outrun the demolition of your city with just one button!

In the straightforward but highly addictive flash-based platform game Canabalt, you control a man running along the rooftops to save himself from some kind of urban catastrophe.  In this automatic side scroller developed by Adam Atomic , your character is always running forward. Only one move is possible: the jump, which is performed by hitting the “X” or “C” buttons on the keyboard. The game ends when you are crushed by certain falling obstacles or fail to make a proper jump and fall to your death.

Canabalt Game Screenshot

As the game progresses, a counter in the upper right corner keeps constant track of how many meters the character has run. The character’s pace continually speeds up as he continues to run, unless he hits an obstacle which slows him down. When you lose, the game over screen also informs you how far you have gone. With that number staring at you, it’s hard to resist the temptation to try again and see if you can’t top yourself. Adding to the replay value, each individual game of Canabalt is likely to be pretty short, thanks to the fast pace.

Like the game itself, the graphics, though relatively simple, are excellent. The incredible and intense soundtrack complements the game nicely, as well. You’ll feel the urge to turn the speakers up as you play.

In conclusion, Canabalt is a well-designed game that will appeal to those who like simple, fast-paced platform games. There’s hardly any learning curve: just jump right in and start playing.

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