Bus Driver Weekdays 2: You are hired, don’t get fired!

Bus Driver Weekdays 2 is all about picking up passengers, earning money and maintaining your vehicle. Bus Driver Weekdays 2 is a solid game that is worth playing although the graphics take some of the fun out of the experience.


The graphics are small and sometimes indistinct. This means you might have trouble seeing exactly what is happening on the roads. This is true even with the overhead map since icons can overlap, obscure each other and generally mislead you about the locations of things. There is no music after the title screen making some long drives really boring.

You are a bus driver in a large metropolitan area in Bus Driver Weekdays 2. You accelerate, reverse and turn using the arrow or WASD keys. The spacebar pulls the handbrake although your bus is never really going fast enough to need this. The M key opens up the city map. You play in top-down view throughout the entire game. The controls are easy enough to learn. A problem is that they can feel sluggish and imprecise. This might be part of the game design since a bus is not supposed to be easy to maneuver in a city.

Gameplay in Bus Driver Weekdays 2 consists of picking up passengers at predetermined spots on the map, driving them to another marked location and dropping them off. You earn money for each successful fare. You want to earn as much as possible. Unfortunately, you have to pay for fuel as you drive. You also need to repair any damage you sustain from crashing into things. This drains your money. A final hazard is a ticket from police. If you do anything wrong while a police car is on the screen, then you get a ticket. This can become a real issue since the city is constantly patrolled by dozens of police cars.

Gameplay is open-ended. A problem with the bus driving game is that the other cars on the road can ruin your day fast. They sometimes pile up at weird angles around your bus so that the only way out is to cause massive collisions. The other issue is that there is no full screen mode. This makes everything so small that it can be hard to judge what is happening. Bus Driver Weekdays 2 is entertaining even with the flaws. It is worth playing especially if you enjoy these types of driving simulators.



Go, go, go! Pick up your passengers and bring them to their destination as the bus driver!