Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter

Yes, the game Bubble Shooter is as old as the internet, but it’s an intuitive, colorful, challenging, and addictive puzzle game with a classic feel to it. And maybe some readers doesn’t know the game.  :-)

In Bubble Shooter, players launch different colored bubbles at a collection of corresponding orbs overhead. The goal is to match the bubbles according to color. Each time three or more spheres of the same color line up, they pop and gather points. Players quickly learn that strategy counts, because the more bubbles a player can pop in a single turn, the more points are awarded. When the bubbles are matched incorrectly, it counts as a “foul.” Four fouls mean that a new row of bubbles appear at the top of the screen, pushing down the rest and jumbling them up again. Players must use their wits to fend off this slow downward march of colorful orbs.

In many ways, Bubble Shooter seems like a devilish blend of “Breakout” and “Dr. Mario“, yet with its own unique set of difficulties. Bubbles can be bounced off of walls, lending an added challenge. Simplistic yet vexing, Bubble Shooter is easy to learn but difficult to master. A few idle moments with this game can quickly turn into a few rounds. The simple goal of trying to top a friend’s high score can easily become a mission to rid the screen, once and for all, of the steady onslaught of multi-colored bubbles.

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