Brave Kings: Level Pack


Brave Kings: Level Pack is an online game with some similarities to the game Angry Birds. The player uses a variety of Medieval-style weapons, such as a catapult, simple cannon, or mounted crossbow, to destroy defenses and kill the crown-wearing defender. In early levels, the player usually has several shots with multiple to accomplish this goal. Some levels include the presence of an ally that the player must avoid killing to complete the level.

The aiming feature for the weapons is user-friendly with a good feel and accuracy, even for notices; however, it is extremely sensitive to minor changes, offering a lot of challenge for those player who always try to maximize their scores. Unlike other games in this style, the weapons provide a blue line to allow the player to predict the arc and distance of their shot. This can reduce frustration among beginners considerably.

The game music is not only upbeat and infectious, but also high quality in terms of how it sounds. Unlike a lot of online games, the music isn’t annoying and adds to the fun atmosphere of the game. The effect sounds are great too, especially the dramatic crashes, arrows in flight, and the frightened, albeit cartoon-like, gasps of the enemy. Anyone who uses the built-in mute buttons are seriously missing out.

Brave Kings: Level Pack’s graphics and interface have a polished, almost sophisticated look compared to other games in this genre. The weapons, for instance, show a lot of detail, particularly the arrows when they stick into the wood defensive structures. The reaction of the defending kings and his allies provide a ton of well animated humor.

The game is suitable for all ages, including kids, because none of the violence is bloody or graphic, but more humorous. Strategy plays a huge role in the more complex levels, but they are seldom frustrating, even if many require multiple attempts to solve. The difficulty increases noticeably; however, most players will ultimately finger out a solution, or even more than one. Just in case, level skipping is permitted to a degree.

True to its format, Brave Kings: Level Pack will provide hours of obsessive enjoyment, even for the casual gamer.

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