Boxhead Bounty Hunter

Boxhead Bounty Hunter: Violent and Charming

Sean Cooper must have been in an especially inspiring mood when he made the game Boxhead bounty hunters. As the title suggests, the warriors have heads shaped like boxes. Don’t let the boxheads fool you, though. The characters in this game are killers and they will get you.

There are weapons and equipment to choose from that will give you the different killing powers you need to accomplish your killing goals. You have everything from a pistol to a grenade launcher to help you terrorize the neighborhood in search of bad guys. Hint: The bad guys are anyone who isn’t you.

For a small game, Boxhead is amazingly complex. It’s an online game that you can play with your friends. You can sign up for an account. I had a blast just shooting players I didn’t even know. I imagine this would be even more entertaining if I was able to shoot one of my close friends or family members.

If I had to pick one word to describe Boxhead Bounty Hunters, I couldn’t. It’s violent but charming, simple but complex, awesome but awesome. Awesome is the one word that doesn’t confus me.

All in all, I’ll be playing this game again and thank God I had a chance to review it because now I know it exists. I hope more individuals keep outdoing bigger companies who might have big budgets but don’t remember just what a game is suppose to be: Fun. No cut scenes here. Boxhead over and out.

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