Bomb It Arena

June 4, 2013

Bomb It Arena Detonates a Good Time for All Members of the Family

Bomb It Arena is a high energy two person combat game that is found on Cute cartoon robots maneuver mazes and plant bombs to clear paths. Once the robot has their opponent in sight, it is off to the races to see who will vanquish the other person. All Members of the family will be able to learn the controls and strategies that make this quality entertainment for all ages.

One of the most endearing features of Bomb It Arena is the soundtrack. Peppy energy is exuded from the catchy techno tune of this game. The finger tapping from the music can actually interfere with your game play in a good way. One of the few games out there in which one is never tempted to mute the background music.

The social media aspects keep the game current and relevant. The ability to login with Facebook is bolstered by additional bonuses in the game. The option to play with friends allows personal rivalries to be settled in this online arena. The chat feature of Bomb It Arena allows for friendly banter to spur on the action in the game. The combination of these features raises the game play to a higher level.

The character selection screen gives the ability to choose many different types of robots. The gaining of experience points garners a reward. An additional selection is unlocked at each level. At level ten, two distinct robot warriors are unlocked for your selection. The additional selection that becomes available at each subsequent level will motivate players to unlock every choice.

The controls of the Bomberman in Bomb It Arena are a combination of the arrow keys and the space bar. A variety of power ups can be uncovered in the game. Collecting more bombs gives the ability to lay multiple bombs at once. An invaluable aid in clearing space so you can eliminate your foe. The winged shoe will quicken your character so that it can cover more ground than your opponent. The lightning in a bottle symbol will extend range of each bomb. The soccer shoe allows you to kick bombs towards your rival for a hopeful detonation.

Multiple power ups, catchy background music, and ease of control are just some of the features that elevate this game to never ending quality entertainment. The ability to chat and play with your friends will lead to countless hours of enjoyment for family members of all ages.

Enjoy Bomb It Arena!

bomb it arena

Bomb it Arena

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