Berzerk Ball


Berzerk Ball is a quirky and contagious game created by BerzerkStudio. If you are familiar with their unique and whimsical games, Berzerk Ball is created in the light-hearted style of Kitten Cannon and Toss the Turtle. The game developers have taken care to offer stylized graphics and catchy tunes to embellish Berzerk Ball and it has paid off. Berzerk Ball promises hours of fun and challenging game play which can be shared by others in an online challenge experience or enjoyed alone.

The premise of Berzerk Ball is to use various tools to whack a nerd as far as you possibly can. The controls could not be simpler; just two clicks of the mouse button and your nerd is hurling through mid-air! In return, your nerd is compelled to utter snarky phrases and appropriately timed comments depending on the level and efficacy of your abuse. It’s really funny and very clever. Despite the poor, bloodied-up nerd, each bashing is surprisingly satisfying and waiting to see your score is addictive.

There is more strategy than meets the eye during the course of gameplay in Berzerk Ball. As you level your well-endowed girl up, you can place points on several key components which will inevitably let you smash your nerd harder and further. This will result in more prizes collected, more money earned, and more leveling up. You can choose to level up your “power” which will increase your home-run score. You can choose to increase your “strength” to boost your smashing action. You could boost your “accuracy” which is a very strategic move and will slow the gauges, giving you more leeway during the actual smashing process. Finally, you can add points to “control” in order to have your nerd fly through the air with more accuracy, catching the maximum amount of power-ups and prizes along the way. This will gain you more points and money which you can then spend in the game store to upgrade your torture items! Although you start out the game with a measly fly-swatter, you can quickly upgrade to other unique and desirable items such as a sausage link, a sand-shovel, a cricket bat, a hockey stick, and finally the elusive baseball bat which will provide the utmost supreme smashing action! By obtaining better weapons, you will be able to earn distance trophies by reaching specific goals.

Berzerk Ball is a great way to have fun and relieve some tension, go bash a nerd today!

(Via New Games)