Bed and Breakfast


Bed and Breakfast: A Fun Flash Game That Allows You to Run Your Own Bed and Breakfast

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the proprietor of a bed and breakfast? Well, now you can have the full experience thanks to a fun and very easy to play flash game called “Bed and Breakfast.” You will be responsible for such duties as checking guests in, carrying their luggage to their room, feeding them, checking guests out and cleaning their rooms after they leave. Just like real life customers the longer they have to wait for any service the more impatient and angry they become.

You earn money when you check the guests out or you feed them at the restaurant. The game Bed and Breakfast is broken up by rounds and you must make a goal amount of money each round. After each round, you can use your money to purchase upgrades. Certain upgrades will make your tasks easier others will ensure that your bed and breakfast will get be able to attract more customers. For example, you can purchase a chef who will do the cooking for you in your restaurant. Another upgrade you can also purchase additional rooms so you can have more guests staying at your establishment. These are just two examples of the upgrades there are many more available.

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