AltShift is an platform game created by ArmorGames. It is a first person action game in which you are a test subject, a personal guinea pig, of some eccentric yet brilliant scientist. You are thrown into his personal lab and your mission is to find your way around and get out.

The lite and free version is hosted at SilverGames. There, the game loads really fast, with no registration requirements at all.  Fortunately, they don’t slow it down and you can be emerged inside of it without interruptions.

First selection you are given is choosing whether to play as a boy or a girl. Then, with very simple graphics, you are introduced to the game with a hefty dose of humor. Inside the game, you move around with your arrow keys. AltShift is a 2 dimensional game, and learning all the aspects of it would not take a user more than few minutes at the very most. Basically, you complete levels with each additional one naturally being somewhat more challenging than the previous one.

There’s a lot of retro feeling to this game, including its black and white images. Many of us have grown up on games that looked very similar to this, so it can bring back a lot of memories.

But anyway, whenever you have enough of it, or your boss walks in, hitting ‘Q’ bottom will get you straight out of it. So might as well enjoy it.

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