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When it comes to free massive multiplayer games, it’s sometimes hard to find one that’s really fun and enjoyable. But everyone once in a while, one such game slips through and becomes a free game staple. is one of those games. is a browser based game where players come in and play as their own little cell. Their job is to make their cell as large as possible. Their size grows with the number of players and pellets they eat. They can only eat players smaller than them, though, and they can be eaten by anyone that’s larger. Larger cells can’t charge up to the smaller guys and eat them, however. Smaller cells move faster. That means players have to implement strategies in order to make their cells as large as possible.

Other than moving, there are two basic mechanics players can use to their advantage. First, they can split their cell in half, using one half as a projectile to swallow up smaller cells. These two halves are still controllable by the player. Second, they can shoot very tiny pieces of themselves to be used either bait or attacks. These small fragments aren’t movable but can be eaten by the same player without consequence.

There are also items on the field that can be used as protection and attacks, aiding or hurting the player depending on how they use it, or if it’s used on them.

While players can’t change the color of their cell, they can change their name an add a skin if they choose. Some of these names can get pretty vulgar, as there’s no word filter, but there is an option to turn the names off entirely if the names bother the player.

In learning the game, I chose to play in teams mode. This gave me a chance to watch better players and be protected by my teams as I ventured through learning the game. Once I felt comfortable, I switched to free-for-all and tried to climb the leader board. It wasn’t easy, but once I finally broke through the top ten, I was elated. Then I promptly got eaten by someone larger.

But all that said, is fun and addicting. The custom names and skins let people express themselves for free in a fun way. Then the mechanics are simple for new players allowing fast and fun integration.