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Flappy Bird 2: Spin-Off Release Goes Vertical

Would you like to let the “Flappy Bird” fly which is internationally known, experiences issues in flying and has been in the news after the day it was published? Click on “START” button to commence the game. To disregard the deterrents use “LEFT-CLICK”. Every hindrance gains you one point. Begin to play immediately to set a record in PC either as you did in a cell phone. You can see game outcomes and records by checking the “SCORE” segment.

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November 30, 2015

Magic Mahjong: All in all a classic board game with a fantasy theme

A game for mobile devices, Magic Mahjong brings fantasy to the world of this ancient board game. You play as a wizard tasked with clearing the tile board floating in front of you before time runs out. At your disposal is the power to rearrange the board and the power to automatically find and dispel a match. Above you sits the time, how many matches are available to you and your score. Should you fail to complete the board in time, you have to start over.


November 25, 2015

Bullet Heaven 2: Anime-style arcade shooter

Bullet Haven 2 available online via Silvergames is an active arcade shooter. That brings action packed fast paced game play by trying to dodge the bullet. The goal is to dodge all the bullets that come flying at you in vast numbers. In addition you have to destroy packs of cute animals. Sounds like a crazy game right?

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November 20, 2015

Flapping Crush: Pure gaming fun with lots of flappy birds

Flapping Crush is an odd twist on the tower defense genre of mobile games. You operate a pair of crushing pillars that are used to smash invading birds before said birds can peck away at the brick wall positioned behind your pillars. While the birds continue to spawn, it only takes one to make it past your crushing pillars and through an opening in the brick wall to end a round.

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November 9, 2015

Alien Chain: Stop the invasion and get rid of the evil visitors


Alien Chain is a game that uses a relatively unique mechanic to challenge players. The graphics are very basic with most things in the game being nothing more than geometric shapes and odd polygons without textures. The graphics are fine, however, since the game is really focused more on the movement of small objects. The high contrast of the graphics is an advantage in that area. The sound effects are adequate although they lack any punch. The background music is nice and sets an interesting mood for the game. (more…)

November 3, 2015


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