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Pinata Hunter 3: A lighthearted game where you are trying to take town incredibly tough pinatas across a few stages


The colorful pinatas in the game are fun to look at and use festive colors. The rest of the graphics are in a similar style. They are interesting enough to keep you engaged in the game. This is especially true of some of the weapons. There is music playing in the background that is not intrusive. The sound effects are diverse although they are hit or miss as to whether they match what is happening. It is important to note Pinata Hunter 3 might not be suitable for some young kids. The pinatas in the game wince painfully when struck and the weapons get a little violent. (more…)

February 23, 2015

Finger vs Guns: Who will win?

Finger vs. Guns combines a few genres and an original idea to come up with a game that is entertaining and easy to learn. It uses typical cartoon graphics to illustrate everything happening on the screen. One of the benefits of the graphic style is that it allows for very smooth animations. This is important since the game is filled with frantic action. There is a full soundtrack with different songs for every stage and menu screen. The sound effects are acceptable although they leave a little to be desired when compared to the music quality.

You play the role of a finger in this funny game. You are represented by a large finger on the screen above everything else. A small figure on the screen is your enemy throughout the game. This enemy enjoys wielding his weapons and shooting at your finger when in trouble. (more…)

February 16, 2015

The Magic Power of the Love Calculator

All of your romantic aspirations can be revealed through the intuitive programming of “Love Calculator.” This nifty little application plays the role of matchmaker by using name math to determine any couple’s viability.

There are not any extra bells and whistles. This program gets straight to the point. After splashing the screen with a cutesy pink display filled with pixelated hearts, the program launches its main page.

February 9, 2015

Tangerine Tycoon: An idle clicker that has some varied gameplay and interesting options


The concept of Tangerine Tycoon is to produce as many tangerines as possible. The graphics are very basic and static although they are acceptable for games in this genre. You start with a single tangerine on the screen that you can click. Each click earns you another tangerine. You eventually get enough to plant a bush that automatically generates a small amount of tangerines each second.

February 2, 2015


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