The Visitor Returns: Play as an alien who needs to eat lots of flesh

The Visitor Returns is a point-and-click adventure game placing you in the role of an alien who needs to eat as much as possible. The graphics in the game are hand-drawn and done well. Everything has a solid and consistent appearance including the animated characters. You are met with a spooky theme song when the game starts. The music plays constantly in the background and can become a little distracting especially if you have to keep repeating the level. The sound effects are reasonable but are nothing special.

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Stickman Dirtbike: An excellent dirt bike racing game with a simple stick figure

For anyone who likes “stick figure” Flash player sports games, Stickman Dirtbike by Noxgames is an excellent choice!


As the title suggest, Stickman Dirtbike requires the player to successfully handle a stick man on a dirtbike and complete a challenging timed race course that features high and low hills and dips, ramps and obstacles in 15 areas. Players obtain cash bonuses and achievement medals along the way as they pass various checkpoints in each level. These awards are tallied after completing a level. (more…)

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HeliCrane: Control various helicopters with a deployable crane


HeliCrane is a side-scrolling action puzzle game that puts you behind the controls of a variety of helicopters. The game uses cartoonish hard drawn graphics for everything. The backgrounds are interesting. The vehicles in the game have a good level of detail with smooth animations. A jazz-like score plays in the background while you are playing. The sound effects are very good and keep you in the game. (more…)

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London Rex: A prehistoric monster goes wild through Europe


You are put into the role of a rampaging dinosaur who wants to destroy an entire city in London Rex. The graphics are not bad in the game although some of the enemies and background images could be better. Your destructive actions are accompanied by a heavy guitar soundtrack that emphasizes the mayhem. Sound effects are relatively generic. They still convey a satisfying feeling every time you do something noteworthy. (more…)

Leave a Comment April 27, 2015

Spring Panda: Cute mobile game with a panda on springs


Spring Panda is a game for mobile devices such as Android, Apple iOS and Windows phone. The name sums it up quite succinctly. The main, and only, character is a panda equipped with springs on his feet. The springs are longer than Panda is tall, which gives him lots of bounce. Perched precariously on a vertical post that is only slightly larger in diameter than Panda himself, he is able to leap great distances in a single bound with very little effort. Landing is another story. (more…)

April 20, 2015

PC Breakdown: ‘Cause everyone knows that trouble

PC Breakdown is a game in a genre known as destruction. These games are really designed to just allow players to vent frustration against some common annoyance in everyday life. They are not games in the traditional sense because there is really no way to lose and no storyline. PC Breakdown is better than many other games in this genre even though it is not in English.



March 30, 2015

Give Up 2 is a well-designed combination of a platformer and puzzle game


The first thing you will notice is that the graphics are slick and attractive especially when playing in full screen mode. The animations are incredibly fluid for every action. Additionally, every small detail such as a matching shadow is incorporated into the different levels. There is an upbeat soundtrack playing that enhances the mood of the game. The sound effects are impressive and even include professional voice acting. (more…)

March 23, 2015

Dream Car Evo: Is this the evolution of the Dream Car Racing game series?

The latest installment of Dream Car Racing comes in the form of Dream Car Recing Evo. This title is jam-packed with new features and tracks for those who just couldn’t get enough of the original game.



March 16, 2015

Idle Gladiator: A simple but fun-addicting idle game


Idle Gladiators is a simple game. It’s a willfully simple game that largely seems to parody the simple wait and tap play style of modern mobile games. Whether this works as parody or just a mimicry of the style it’s emulating is questionable. The interface is incredibly spartan. The premise is that you’re training gladiators to make you rich. Text along the top of the window shows a constantly increasing number of your acquired gold. (more…)

March 9, 2015

Trollface Quest 6: Sports


Trollface Quest 6 is a point-and-click puzzle game that’s less of a troll than you’d think – although it may cause your force to contort into shapes not dissimilar to the titular meme.

TQ is most heavily reminiscent of traditional adventure games of yesteryear, albeit in a minimalist package. Rather than roaming a sandbox world finding puzzles at your own pace, the player is presented with predesignated scenes to solve by selecting the right background objects at the right times. (more…)

March 2, 2015

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